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If you love medieval romances about bold women and broody knights as much as I do, you’ve come to the right place!

Coming August 15, 2024: Heart of the Hawk (Band of Bastards, Book One)

Heart of the Hawk is the first book in the Band of Bastards Series, releasing in August 2024.

The Band of Bastards is an elite force of knights serving King Edward I, led by Eric “Hawk” Grogan. Each man has been chosen because he is the son of a woman who was at the mercy of a nobleman as a maid, a prostitute, or a young innocent charmed into believing she was truly loved before being abandoned to the harsh truth. For a select few of the bastards born to these women, they are given a chance to become something more than expected by a man who found a way to rise above his station. In return for being given a chance to redeem themselves and earn respect, every man in Hawk’s band of elite knights has sworn an oath to serve King Edward and to live by the standards of chivalry set by Hawk: fortunes will to be earned, not stolen; women will be respected and protected; and no bastards will be left in their wake.

“Hawk” Grogan, the king’s most trusted knight, has never failed a mission. When the king sends him to Hawkspur Castle in the Welsh Marches to uncover suspected treason, Hawk has every intention of getting to the truth at any cost. He soon learns, however, that there’s one factor in his plan that he hasn’t accounted for–Lady Alyce. The lord’s sister is obstinate, an incompetent liar, easily flustered, and completely beguiling.

Lady Alyce is reluctantly drawn to the brooding knight who trusts no one, roams the castle as if it is his own, and pricks her temper at every opportunity. She is desperate to prove to him that everyone at Hawkspur Castle, English and Welsh alike, is loyal to the king of England. As war erupts around her, she will do everything necessary to save her brother and the village she loves from ruin.

But something is amiss at Hawkspur and Lady Alyce is determined to discover what it is before Hawk can, despite her growing attraction to him. As plots are uncovered and alliances forged, the bond between Hawk and Alyce grows stronger, even as they are both forced to question whether the other can be trusted. Will their opposing loyalties tear them apart? Or are they willing to forsake king and country to be together?

Book Two: Heart of the Viking – Available October 2024

Book Three: Heart of the Hunter – Available December 2024

Book cover for Heart of the Hawk. Chain mail clad knigh with long black hair and piercing eyes with hands folded over hilt of sword. Grey Wolfhound stands at his side and a stone castle is in the background.