About Us

Hi! I’m Lois Templin. Welcome to my quest to create a life inspired by traveling, writing, finding the best places to retire and blogging!

Now that I’ve hit the classic age of midlife crisis and re-evaluation, the need for personal satisfaction and finding the importance in life have become priorities, and along with that has come the realization that it’s time to get back to what inspires me.

big brother

As a teenager, I aspired to be a writer, finding the best places to retire and travel the world. I had big dreams, but I got derailed by practicality. So here I am, 25 years into a career that provides a decent living and satisfaction, but it doesn’t leave me feeling inspired.

And I thrive on feeling inspired!

So the quest begins to build a life fueled by inspiration. My husband and I are in the first year of a plan that will see us living very different lives in the years ahead. We are laying the ground work now to retire early and live abroad, find the best places to retire, seeing the world together while I write and he freelances as a business systems architect.

Currently, I live in Southern California with my husband, son, and dog. When not working, I write either on my blog or on my current novel-in-progress about the Lady Godiva from eleventh century England.

Cheers to inspiration and grand possibilities for the future!